International Conference on Mars Aeronomy
15-19 May 2017
Boulder, Colorado, USA

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The Mars upper atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere, and solar-wind interactions are becoming increasingly important for understanding loss of atmosphere to space and the evolution of the Martian climate. Recent observations have been made from Mars Express over the last decade, from MAVEN for the most-recent Mars year, and from Mars Odyssey, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and the Mars Orbiter Mission; landed spacecraft and earlier orbiters also provided valuable information. These missions have provided tremendous new data sets that allow us for the first time to describe the behavior of the upper atmosphere and plasma environment, understand the underlying physical processes, and extrapolate atmospheric loss to past epochs. This international conference will bring together all aspects of Mars aeronomy, including pertinent observations, analyses, theoretical models and results.

The conference will be organized with 3 ½ days of sessions that will include invited summary talks, oral presentations, and poster sessions. In addition, we’ll have a 1 ½ day workshop on accessing and utilizing the publicly available data from the missions.

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact Kathleen Cirbo (kathleen.cirbo@lasp.colorado.edu).