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Click below to navigate to useful links, graphics, animations and code. Links provided are for general research needs such as ephemerides, data systems or publication websites.

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Code for the Magnetospheric Community

Available Code:
- Io Torus Model: Widget Interface
- Jupiter Magnetic Field Model

Io Plasma Torus Model: Widget Interface
Ever wonder how the Io Plasma Torus' ultra-violet emission changes when there's a large increase in neutral sulfur and oxygen from Io? If so, then we've got a widget for you!

In order to better understand the plasma environment generated by Jupiter's moon Io, we ran a chemistry model of the Io Plasma Torus using a wide range of input parameters and displayed them in an IDL graphical user interface. For more information on the chemistry model, see Delamere, P.A. et al. 2004.

Given the selected input parameters, the widget dislplays ion mixing ratios, an energy budget of the entire system, and a simulated ultra-violet emission spectrum. The emission spectrum is generated using the CHIANTI Atomic Database.

This widget requires IDL 8.1+ and the CHIANTI Atomic Database. Download instructions for CHIANTI can be found in the widget setup guide below, or on the CHIANTI website.

Download here:
Setup Guide - Widget Guide
Io Torus Widget - toruswidget.tar.gz

Krishan Khurana's Magnetic Field Model written in IDL
The Khurana magnetic field model is an empirical model based on data from the Galileo spacecraft. The code was originally written in Fortran 77/90 but has since been converted into IDL (Interactive Data Language developed by ITT). Below is the code itself along with a few sample programs for getting started. It is recommended that you have at least IDL version 7.0.4 to run these procedures.

WARNING: Only use the kk_2009 procedure and the internal ctimer function. The other internal functions are implemented with global variables and can produce erroneous results if called individually.

Download here:
Field Model - kk_2009.pro
Usage Example - sample.pro - sample output
Fieldline Tracing Example - sampleTrace.pro

The following images are generated from the sampleTrace.pro procedure.