Launch of NASA 36.240 on April 14, 2008 from WSMR.

First part of video shows the launch from the ground. This includes the Terrier motor burn and part of the Black Brant motor burn.

The second part of video shows the video from inside the payload. This TV camera looks out the side of the payload and onto a movable mirror. Initially the mirror looks down toward the ground and shows the rocket spinning and Terrier and Black Brant motors in action. After payload despin and Black Brant motor separation, the TV mirror is turned 90 degrees and views the ground. During this time, the solar instruments are making their science observations for about 6 minutes.

The rocket payload reaches an apogee of about 280 km at about T+300 sec. Near the end of the solar observation, the TV mirror moves another 90 degrees and shows the front end of the payload. The canards on the S-19 guidance system are visible and start to flip around as the payload begins to enter the atmosphere. During re-entry the mirror and camera are coated with material that outgassed from the payload as it heated up during re-entry.

This file is also available as an mp4 file -download file