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Participating Departments and Programs

Students interested in the Planetary Sciences program may apply for enrollment to any of the five departments listed below. For general departmental information, click on the department name to access its home page. To locate links to the admissions procedures and academic requirements of each department, see the Planetary Sciences Academic Program page. If you need more information, please contact the appropriate graduate program representative.

Department Home Page Department Contact E-mail Department Phone Number
Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Jo Ann Vandel (303) 492-8914
Physics (303) 492-6954
Geological Sciences Marjorie Atkinson (303) 492-2607
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Nancy Edwards (303) 492-7167
Aerospace Engineering Robin Basile (303) 492-6416

After completion of the preliminary examination for the Ph.D. degree in the departments of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, Physics, Geological Sciences, or Aerospace Engineering, students can choose to apply to the interdepartmental Geophysics Ph.D. Program or earn a Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology.

Program Home Page Program Contact E-mail Contact Phone Number
Geophysics Program Shijie Zhong (303) 735-5095
Astrobiology Certificate Program Bruce Jakosky (303) 492-8004

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