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Rocket Experiments

Introduction: Balloons, water bottles, and model rockets are launched to demonstrate the basic physics of rocket launches.

Procedure: Balloons filled with air are launched (released). The balloons fly forward but in a random direction as they lack fins. Water bottles that are filled with water and have fins attached are pressurized with a bicycle tire pump. When launched, the water bottles fly up releasing water over the students (best for a hot day). Eastes model rockets are similar to the NASA rockets in that their fuel is a small, controlled explosion (adult supervision required). The Eastes model rockets can go 1/2 mile or higher, and re-entry is usually with a parachute.

101 Rockets in 1998

Bear Creek, Martin Park, and High Peaks Elementary third graders launched over 100 rockets on May 19-20, 1998. They built their own rockets using Eastes Gnome rocket kits the previous week. All rockets were successfully launched although a few took a couple of launch attempts. All rockets were recovered, even the one that landed on the school roof.

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Picture Steve Hill and Stan Solomon with Bill Dennler's Bear Creek class.

Picture Stan Solomon and Steve Hill with Tracee Vickery's Bear Creek class.

Picture Launch time at Bear Creek.

Picture Erica Rodgers and Frank Eparvier with Jean Walsh's Martin Park class.

Picture Tom Woods and Wendy Sweet with Sally Hofmockel's High Peaks class.