NASA Rocket EOP Internet Warmup Experiment

This web page provides links for surfing the web for specific information as part of the Internet Warmup Experiment.

Internet Introduction

The Internet, also called the Net, is the electronic highway for computer communication. The US Defense Department started the Internet in the 1960s, and it grew slowly as a research-oriented computer communications network. The Internet uses exploded after the government turned over the Internet to commercial companies in 1992.

The most common uses of the Internet are for remote interfacing to other computers (such as by using Telnet), electronic mail (e-mail), display of information using the World Wide Web (WWW), and exchange of data files (such as by using FTP). The software applications that interface to Web pages are called Web Browsers, such as MOSAIC and Netscape. The Internet, especially the Web, is considered part of the Information Super Highway.

The "Search" button in your browser and the Yahoo Web Site are a couple of ways to search the web for any type of information.

Internet Experiment

Read the question, then click on its link (highlighted / underlined text) to search for the answer at those web pages. After you find the answer, use your BACK button or GO menu in your Web Browser to return here - this web page is called the "NASA EOP Internet Warmup".

Explore the Planets
How many moons orbit Jupiter ? _____________

How many rings are around Saturn ? _____________

See the Sun's Activity
How many sunspots are there for today ? _____________

(count the number of black spots on the SOHO MDI intensity image)

Get Boulder's Current Weather
What is the current temperature in Boulder ? _____________

What is the current dewpoint temperature ? _____________

Note that the dewpoint temperature should match the temperature if it is raining; otherwise, the dewpoint temperature should be lower.

Get Mar's Weather Report
What are the temperature changes on Mars ? Daytime (high)_________ Nighttime (low)_________

Learn about Ben Franklin
What are two things that Ben Franklin invented ? _____________ _____________

Discover Monarch Butterflies
Where are two places that Monarch Butterflies migrate to during the winter ? _____________ _____________

See Boulder Downtown Realtime
Is there a traffic accident at 9th and Pearl ? _____________

For those fast browsers, here are a few other links for browsing. Click on them to go there. Use your BACK button to return here.

NASA Astronaut Questions and Answers Web Site - learn about being an astronaut

LASP SNOE Satellite Web Site - get the latest news from the SNOE satellite (launched 2/26/98)

Yahoo USA Road Map Web Site - enter your home address and see your house on a map

Webster Dictionary Web Site - enter a word and get its definitions

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