1998 LASP Tour

About 100 third grade students from Martin Park, High Peaks, and Bear Creek Elementary Schools went on a tour of LASP on April 1, 1998. They learned about space research and our work with satellite instruments. The following are a few pictures from this tour.

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Picture Erica Rodgers, Stan Solomon, and Frank Eparvier oversee students as they arrive

Picture Students sit by a parachute that was flown on a NASA rocket

Picture Stan Solomon shows the students the LASP's Mission Operations Center

Picture Stan Solomon answers questions about LASP's SNOE satellite

Picture Stan Solomon showing the SNOE satellite model

Picture Stan Solomon showing LASP's Mission Operations Center

Picture Erica Rodgers showing the Mariner satellite model

Picture Erica Rodgers explains the rockets hanging from the lobby ceiling

Picture Frank Eparvier explains how LASP's rocket payload makes observations

Picture Frank Eparvier says, "It's really big"

Picture Students walking through the solar system model with Wendy Sweet

Picture Wendy Sweet answers questions about Neptune