Math Olympiads 2000-2001

About 30 fourth and fifth grade students from High Peaks and BCSIS Elementary Schools participated in the national Math Olympiad program this school year. This program was taught by volunteers Tom Woods and Debbie Feyh. The Math Olympiad program provides a broad exposure to creative problem solving with five contests spread out over the year. Each contest includes five very challenging problems, so a student often only gets 1 or 2 problems correct. The test results from each contest are sent to the national Math Olympiad's office, where the individual student scores and the team score (sum of the top 10 scores) are tracked. Considering that this year was the first time any of these students participated in Math Olympiads, the team scored very well with 121 points. The final meeting for Math Olympiads this school year was held on Friday May 18 as an award ceremony. Each student received a certificate from the national Math Olympiad office, plus there were additional awards for several outstanding performances . The students that scored above the national 50% level received a Math Olympiads badge; these students were Matthew Cawley, Scott, Martinis, Taylor Stein, Hannah Hausman, Allie Johnson, Robert Ranney, Trevor Ranney, Erika Yamasaki, Caleb Bostic, Leonid Vaisberg, and Ryan Schmitz. Of these students, Matthew Cawley and Scott Martinis also scored above the national 20% level, and they achieved a silver Math Olympiad pin. The three students with the highest scores, Matthew Cawley, Scott Martinis, and Taylor Stein, received a Math Olympiad trophy. Congratulations to all of the participants for an outstanding year !


Math Olympiad 2000-2001 Students