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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
New Horizons: Student Dust Counter

Video Interviews

Below are several interviews conducted with members the original SDC student team when they were student participants, as well as the SDC Principal Investigator. Many of our SDC students have gone on to successful careers informed by their SDC experiences.

Chelsey Bryant (2004)

Chelsey Bryant (2010)

Michael Neeland

Mihály Horányi

SDC Video Archive Project

On March 4, 2013, four students from Center High School in rural Colorado joined their teacher (New Horizons Teacher Fellow Daniel Newmyer) on a visit to LASP. The purpose of the project is to document the ongoing involvement of former LASP students in the SDC project and to continue involving new generations of young people in the SDC experience.

Beth Cervelli

Beth Cervelli video

Length: 21:10

Chelsey Bryant

Chelsey Bryant video

Length: 17:24

David James

David James video

Length: 20:35

Jamey Szalay

Jamey Szalay video

Length: 20:41

Tiffany Finley

Tiffany Finley video

Length: 14:09