TIMED-SEE Recent Log Summary

File last updated 2014197 Jul 16-00:03:37 UT

Future Past Normal Ops S/C Safe Mode SEE Anomaly
20142010111115-NS, 1-FF
20141980111114-NS, 1-FF
20141970111114-NS, 1-NI
2014196011111-CI, 14-NS, 1-FF
20141950111113-NS, 2-CS
20141940111115-NS, 1-FF
201419118111114-NS, 1-FF
201419012111114-NS, 1-NI, internal error #148.1 #148.2
20141893111115-NS, 1-FF, internal error #148.0
20141880111113-NS, 2-CS
20141870111115-NS, 1-FF
20141850111115-NS, internal error #147.6
20141840111114-NS, 1-FF
20141830111114-NS, 1-NI, internal error #147.5
201418218111115-NS, 1-FF
20141810111113-NS, 2-CS
20141800111115-NS, 1-FF
20141770111114-NS, 1-FF, internal error #147.4
20141760111114-NS, 1-NI, internal error #147.3
20141750111115-NS, 1-FF, internal error #147.2
20141740111113-NS, 2-CS, internal error #147.1
20141730111115-NS, 1-FF
20141720111115-NS, internal error #147.0
201417018111114-NS, 1-FF
20141690111114-NS, 1-NI, internal error #146.15
2014168011111-CI, 14-NS, 1-FF
20141670111113-NS, 2-CS
20141660111115-NS, 1-FF
20141650111115-NS, internal error #146.13 #146.14
20141640111114-NS, internal error #146.11 #146.12
20141630111115-NS, 1-FF, internal error #146.10
201416218111114-NS, 1-NI

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File last updated 2014197 Jul 16-00:03:37 UT

Future Past Normal Ops S/C Safe Mode SEE Anomaly

Acronym Description
NS Normal Solar (primary science data)
CS Calibration Solar
NI Normal Detector Image
CI Calibration Image
FF Flatfield Detector Image
DF Darkfield Detector Image
NFOV_XP# Normal Field of View with XPS filter wheel position #
CFOV_XP# Calibration Field of View with XPS filter wheel position #
CF Configuration (EGS power cycle and slit configuration)
N_OCCULT Normal Occultation experiment
HV High Voltage experiment (level 5 is normal)
NX Normal Scan along SAS-X (perpendicular to FOV experiments)

Internal Errors do not affect science data collection or the normal operation of SEE. These mostly occur in the South Atlantic Anomaly.

S/C Safe Modes prevent SEE from making observations of any kind.

SEE Anomaly #1 EGS-DOOR : has been resolved.

SEE Anomaly #2 Internal Error : does not affect science data.

SEE Anomaly #3 EGS-GCI : caused 1 observation to not collect EGS data, because it occurred during the observation. XPS data is not affected. Generally, one EGS observation may be excluded from the daily average.

SEE Anomaly #4 GS/W Database : has been resolved.

SEE Anomaly #5 XPS-Filter-Wheel : wheel fixed in position 6, diodes 1, 5, and 10 are always exposed.

SEE Anomaly #6 ROM-RAM Timer : Autopromotion out of ROM did not occur due to a checksum mismatch caused by a patch to flight s/w addressing SEE Anomaly #5. This does not affect science data.

SEE Anomaly #7 Internal Error Counter Reset : The internal error counter was not reset after running the zero_err_cnt procedure. These errors are identified as SEE anomaly #2.

SEE Anomaly #8 HK Packet Corruption : The memory words at the end of a HK packet are missing one word on day 2004/244. This portion of the HK packet continuously dumps the RAM program from pages 8 and 9, so a corruption of the active page (8) appeared to have occurred. This one isolated packet problem was NOT repeated on subsequent data from later days, so the memory is known to be good.

SEE Anomaly #9 EGS Science Data Packet Loss: The EGS science data packets were not being transferred. It appears to have been a GCI problem. EGS was power cycled and the problem was corrected.