SOLSTICE Scientific Data Products

everal SOLSTICE science products are produced on a daily bases at the UARS Central Data Handling Facility at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This is accomplished with a suite of software which reduces, in several steps, the raw science and engineering telemetry stream from the UARS spacecraft to the final, calibrated and cataloged science products.

        The primary SOLSTICE science product is a daily mean solar UV spectrum, covering roughly 115 nm to 425 nm with a resolution of 1 nm, given the Solar irradiance in units of W/m3, at a distance of 1 AU. The final calibration required for this product is the detector degradation calibration, which is essentially an exponential decay model of our observations at a few selected wavelengths of a few bright UV stars which we assume to be constant. Because the decay model is a function of numerous unpredictable operational variables, it cannot be known in advance and must be applied after the fact. For this reason, the daily mean spectra are produced only when a new degradation model has been determined, once or twice a year. These data are contained in our "level 3BS" daily files, and are available from the Goddard Distributed Active Archive Center(DAAC) . Data files can be obtained from the Goddard DAAC by several mechanisms which include:

        Besides the primary daily mean spectra, several special products are also available to investigators and to the public. These include:

All of these special products are available from SOLSTICE's own ftp site.
(In order to download this infomation, click your mouse in the area where the data is and go to file and choose "Save Frame As" and select "OK".)

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