Current Status

ince UARS launched in 1991 on shuttle mission STS-48, the UARS satellite and SOLSTICE instrument have performed well. There is almost a continuous data set of solar UV irradiances on a daily basis since October 3, 1991. There are however some gaps in the SOLSTICE data related to satellite problems, mostly the solar array drive subsystem. The largest data gap is a 6 week period in June 1992 when the solar array drive problems were studied extensively. Since May 1995 when the solar array was parked in a constant position, the UARS has been operated in a low power mode where only about half of the UARS instruments are operated at a time. The solar instruments including SOLSTICE are generally operated about 90% of the time though due to their low power requirements and to the scientific need to measure the solar irradiances whenever atmospheric measurements are being made. This UARS low power mode is expected to continue for the life of the mission which may last for several more years.

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