Physical Processes Linking Solar Radiation and

Solar Variability with Global Climate Change



Thanks to all those who attended and/or presented at the December 2003 Science Meeting in Sonoma, California. The meeting was a great success. Feel free to explore the links to the presentations and abstracts listed below. All abstracts are in HTML format that can be easily read with any web browser. All presentations and posters are in PDF format and can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later (download a free copy). Note that the file sizes are rather large and are listed after the name of the presentation; so, please be patient when downloading. If you are interested in a particular presentation that is not available here, please contact Vanessa George via email at or by phone at 303-492-5486 for more information. Thanks again!

Thursday, December 4

Keynote Talks
Judith Lean, Chair

John Eddy Current status of Sun-climate Connections and Possible Processess (1.04 MB)
V. Ramaswamy Solar Variations and Global Climate Change
Jeffrey Hall The Next Decade of Stellar Cycles Research (2.00 MB)

1a. Solar Radiation – Status of Current Measurements
O. R. White, Chair

Gary Rottman The SORCE Mission – January 25, 2003 to December 4, 2003 (6.01 MB)
Greg Kopp Overview of the SORCE/TIM Results (12.6 MB)
Jerry Harder The SORCE SIM Instrument: Progress Toward Spectral Irradiance Time Series Throughout the 300-3000 nm Region (1.25 MB)
Bill McClintock Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance: Early Results From the SOLar STellar Irradiance Comparison Experiment II Aboard the SORCE Spacecraft (785 KB)
Tom Woods Solar Soft X-ray Variability During the SORCE Mission (4.00 MB)

1b. Solar Radiation – Long-Term Records and Reconstructions
O. R. White, Chair

Claus Fröhlich Total Solar Irradiance Variability From 1978 to Present
Steven Dewitte The Construction of a Long-Term Total Solar Irradiance Record and Its Uncertainties (119 KB)
Robert Lee 1984 – 2003, Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) / Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) TSI Measurements (697 KB)
Richard Willson ACRIM Composite Total Solar Irradiance Time Series (856 KB)

2. Long-Term Solar Variations
Hugh Hudson, Chair

Philip Goode How Dim Can the Sun Be? (752 KB)
Mausumi Dikpati The Solar Dynamo (6.7 MB)
Yi-Ming Wang The Sun’s Large-Scale Magnetic Field and its Long-Term Variations
Leif Svalgaard Determination of Interplanetary Magnetic Field Strength, Solar Wind Speed, and EUV Irradiance, 1890-2003 (382 KB)
Wes Lockwood Update on the Apparent Discrepancy Between Cycle Timescale Irradiance Variability of the Sun and Solar Analog Stars of Similar Magnetic Activity Levels..


Friday, December 5

3a. Climate Change Processes Involving Solar Radiation in the Troposphere
Peter Pilewskie, Chair

Steven Platnick An Overview of Solar Reflectance Remote Sensing Methods for Earth Science Applications (3.37 MB)
Norm Loeb Influence of Clouds and Aerosols on the Earth’s Radiation Budget Using Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) Measurements (2.57 MB)
Jerry Meehl Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response to Solar Forcing in the Early 20th Century Compared to Greenhouse Gas Forcing in the Late 20th Century
Sultan Hameed Atmospheric Centers of Action as Bridges Between Solar Activity Variations and Regional Climate Change
Gerard Bond Evidence for Sun-Climate Connections on Multi-Centennial to Millennial Timescales
Caspar Ammann Fingerprints of Solar Irradiance Changes During the Last Millennium: Impact of Different Background Trends on the Detection in Transient Climate Simulations (3.07 MB)
Joan Feynman Solar Influences on Surface Air Temperature During the Maunder Minimum (174 KB)

4. Global Change Processes Involving Solar Radiation in the Stratosphere
Marv Geller, Chair

Richard Stolarski Ultraviolet Radiation and Stratospheric Ozone
David Rind Mechanisms of Solar Influence on the Troposphere via the Stratosphere
Robert Hudson Deduction of Climate Variability From the Total Ozone Record, 1965-2000
Marvin Geller Solar-Induced Changes in Ozone
Al Powell Ozone Heating Impacts on the Lower Atmosphere Hemispheric Wave Pattern as a Mechanism for Climate Change (856 KB)
Lon Hood Thermal Response of the Tropopause Region to Short-Term Solar Ultraviolet Variations (1.54 MB)
Alexander Ruzmaikin An Exploratory Model of Solar Influence on Stratospheric Dynamics (629)


Saturday, December 6

3b. Climate Change Processes Involving Solar Radiation in the Troposphere
(continued from Friday morning)
Peter Pilewskie, Chair

Robert Cess Climate Change During 1985-1999: Cloud Interactions Determined From Satellite Measurements
Edward Cook Solar Forcing and the Western US Bi-Decadal Drought Rhythm: An Analysis Back to AD 800

5. Session Summaries and Discussion

Dick White Solar Radiation Measurements and Reconstructions
Hugh Hudson Long Term Solar Variability (366 KB)
Peter Pilewskie Climate Change Processes Involving Solar Radiation in the Troposphere
Marv Geller Global Change Processes Involving Solar Radiation in the Stratosphere

6. Future Directions in Sun-Climate Research
Gary Rottman, Chair

Gerard Thuillier The PICARD Mission (2.19 MB)
Marv Geller CAWSES
Stan Solomon Studies of Atmospheric Response to the Solar Cycle using the NCAR Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (66.4 MB)
Tom Bogdan . . .The Best of Times, The Worst of Times. . .

Thursday- Friday, December 4-5

POSTERS (All Posters will be up both Thursday and Friday)

Helen Coffey
New Look for the Online Solar Databases at NGDC

Angie Cookson
First Total Solar Irradiance Model based on PSPT Data

Raffaella D’Auria
On the Influence of Solar Variability on Ion-Mediated Nucleation in the Atmosphere (842 KB)

Sean Davis
Modeling Solar Irradiance with the PSPT Solar Disk Observations and RISE Solar Spectrum Synthesis (2.55 MB)

Matt DeLand
Current and Future Solar Irradiance Measurements from SBUV/2 Instruments (507 KB gif image)

Frank Eparvier
Comparisons of FUV Solar Irradiance Measurements by SORCE, TIMED-SEE, and UARS (751 KB)

Linton Floyd
Solar UV Center-to-Limb Variation of Active Regions (643 KB)

Juan Fontenla
Physical Synthesis of the Solar Radiance, a Tool for Understanding Spectral Irradiance (1.66 MB)

Peter Fox
Carbon I, Solar Activity and Secular Change?

Rajaram Kane
Dissimilarity in the Evolution of Solar EUV and Solar Radio Emission (2800 MHZ) During 1999-2002

Greg Kopp
Details of the SORCE/TIM On-Orbit Calibrations (17.5 MB)

William McClintock
The Sun as Observed by SORCE SOLSTICE (767 KB)

Jeff Morrill
A Model of Solar Spectral Irradiance Between 200 and 400 nm (15.8 MB)

Chris Pankratz
SORCE Science Data Processing and Availability

Judit Pap
Total Solar Irradiance Measurements: Results and Future Requirements

Dora Preminger
Historical Reconstruction of Solar Activity

Byron Smiley
Pre-Launch and On-Orbit Prism Transmission Calibrations for SIM on SORCE (428 KB)

Marty Snow
Measuring In-Flight Degradation of SORCE SOLSTICE (829 KB)

Gerard Thuillier
The Solar Spectral Irradiance From 200 to 2400 nm as Measured During the ATLAS and EURECA Missions

Stephen Walton
Statistical Characteristics of Faculae on Precision Solar Photometric Telescope Ca II K Images (199 KB)

Guoyong Wen
Phase Space Reconstruction and Predictability of Spectral Solar Irradiance From SOLSTICE (726 KB)