The Next Decade of Stellar Cycles Research

Author: Jeffrey C. Hall, Lowell Observatory

A workshop entitled “The Next Decade of Stellar Cycles Research” was held at Lowell Observatory on October 10 and 11, 2003, to discuss the status of present long-term monitoring programs of Sun-like stars, outstanding problems in the field, and to maximally beneficial observations over the next decade. The product of the workshop is a roadmap for the next decade of stellar cycles observations, with the intent of outlining the most productive observational and theoretical ways to develop our understanding of “the Sun as a star” and, by extension, Sun-climate interactions. Scientists representing diverse but related disciplines attended the workshop, and discussions included reviews of long-term Ca II HK surveys, the nature and long-term behavior of solar and stellar activity, total solar irradiance monitoring and reconstruction, and the status of Sun-climate research. In this talk, I will summarize the results of this meeting and the recommendations of the attendees regarding optimum lines of investigation for the next decade.