A Model of Solar Spectral Irradiance Between 200 and 400 nm

Author: Jeff S. Morrill
Affiliation: Naval Research Laboratory

A model of solar spectral irradiance has been developed that uses sunspot, active region, and quiet sun spectra to predict the solar spectrum near Mg II at 280 nm. These basis spectra and the high resolution limb darkening curves were obtained by the Naval Research Laboratory's HRTS rocket. In this model, ground based Ca II K images are used to determine the contribution of each of these solar surface features to the total solar spectrum. In the next phase of the model development the wavelength coverage of the model will be extended to include wavelengths from ~200 nm to ~400 nm using SKYLAB observations. This poster will present comparisons between the present model results and observations in the region near Mg II as well as preliminary results with the SKYLAB spectra.