Studies of Atmospheric Response to the Solar Cycle using the NCAR Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model


Authors:       Rolando Garcia, Byron Boville, Doug Kinnison, Dan Marsh, Ray Roble, Fabrizio Sassi, and Stan Solomon

Affiliation:    National Center for Atmospheric Research


The National Center for Atmospheric Research is developing a Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM) under a collaborative initiative between the Atmospheric Chemistry Division, the Climate and Global Dynamics Division, and the High Altitude Observatory.  The model currently extends from the surface to ~140 km altitude.  Extension through the thermosphere and ionosphere to ~500 km altitude is currently in progress.  A series of solar-cycle simulations is planned to examine the effects throughout the atmosphere of varying solar ultraviolet radiation, total solar irradiance, and energetic particle fluxes.  Coupling of different altitude regions through minor species transport and dynamical effects is of particular interest.  Since the spectral variability of solar irradiance longward of ~300 nm is still uncertain, the WACCM project will benefit greatly from SORCE measurements.  In this paper, we briefly describe the model, present some early results, and discuss our plans for future extension and use of solar models and measurements.