A Comparison of the VIRGO and TIM Data
Claus Fröhlich [cfrohlich@pmodwrc.ch], Physikalishes-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos, Switzerland, and Greg Kopp, LASP, University of Colorado, Boulder

We compare the latest versions of the SOHO/VIRGO and SORCE/TIM total solar irradiance (TSI) data. We find relative agreement in the reported daily TSI values of about 40 ppm and long-term variations of 11 ppm/yr. On shorter time scales, the instruments observe similar ~50 ppm TSI fluctuations due to solar oscillations. Using high-cadence data from each instrument, we attempt to account for the reported variations in 6-hourly and daily TSI values due to different instrument observing times and view angles of the Sun.