Global Measurements of the Earth's Visible Spectral Albedo
Pilar Montanes-Rodriguez [], E. Palle, P. Goode, and S. Koonin, Big Bear Solar Observatory (New Jersey Institute of Technology), CA

We have previously used continuous long-term photometric observations of the earthshine reflected on the Moon to determine variations on the Earth's reflectance from 1998 to 2003, and by comparison with cloud datasets, we reconstructed these variations for the past two decades. A prevailing dependency of the albedo changes on global cloud amount, cloud optical thickness and Earth's surface reflectance was found, but additional information can be inferred from the spectral albedoes. Spectroscopic observations of the earthshine have also been taken from Palomar Observatory since 1999. In this report, the apparent wavelength-dependent albedo has been quantified for several nights. Comparisons with models and observations of photometric albedoes taken during the same and consecutive nights will also be included.