Connecting the Inverse Correlation between 10Be and GRIP Temperature and Snowfall Accumulation over the past 200 Ky with Relevance to the Variation of 10Be during the past 80 Ky and to the 40-Ky BP Surge

Aden Meinel [] and Marjorie Meinel, University of Arizona, Tucson and Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California and Santa Barbara, California.

            We revisit basic data files and arrive at a different conclusion regarding the correlation between 10Be and d18 O and hence temperature during the past 200 Ky. Processing the Yiou 10Be data file for the effect of changing snow accumulation obtained from the GRIP 55-cm data file leads to our conclusion that cosmic rays had no significant effect on the course of temperature during the last ice age. We show that the long-termed cosmic ray flux is approximately constant, yet shows slow fluctuations that provide a clue to its origin and to the details within the record of cosmogenic beryllium. We present evidence that eliminates as a cause a zero geomagnetic field singularity as well as a near-by supernova. We show instead that this surge is compatible with an encounter by the Earth with a relativistic jet that was directed by chance at the solar vicinit, thereby accounting for the rarity of the 40 Ky event during the past 200Ky. Such jets have been detected issuing normal to the plane of binaries in which one member is a rotating black hole. We present a movie showing of an encounter of the Earth with a relativistic jet beam accounting for he details within the past 80Ky 10Be record.