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July 2001

been received. RFA's from earlier SORCE reviews have seen progress and some have seen closure.

SORCE Science
June was an eventful month for the SORCE scientists.
1) Papers and talks pertaining to SORCE were presented at the AGU/APS SPD meeting in Boston, at the "International Solar Cycle Studies 2001" Meeting in Longmont, and at the "Evolving Sun and its Influence on Planetary Environments" Meeting in Granada, Spain.

2) Longmont and Boulder meetings in early June brought a number of visitors, including Gerhard Schmidtke from Germany, Claus Fröhlich from Switzerland, Gerhard Thuillier from France, and Judith Lean from NRL.

3) Co-Investigator, Dominique Crommelynck visited the week of July 9th and worked with Drs. Lawrence and Kopp on the TIM characterization.

4) The SORCE Science Team Meeting that had been scheduled for July 2001 has been postponed until after Observatory delivery to Orbital, possibly November. It is our intention to hold two (2) SORCE Science Team Meetings per year and we had planned to start in 2001 and continue through the Mission. The summer 2001 meeting was originally scheduled for July 9 to 11th, in Boulder. This meeting has been delayed and will be rescheduled to a later date. The reason for the July delay is the judgment that extramural activity on the part of the instrument teams would have an adverse effect on our final characterizations and preparations. The instrument delivery schedule is now likely in early November. As soon as a date is confirmed and a clear path to finishing the tasks ahead is established the next meeting will be scheduled. The agenda of this next Science Team meeting will be the careful examination of all calibration data. A followon Science Team meeting concentrating on the SORCE Science will now be scheduled in early 2002.

5) Dr. Doug Rabin, the Deputy Project Scientist for SORCE, visited LASP and attended the July Monthly Review.

SORCE has received some disappointing news.
NASA announced last Friday that the UARS will be turned off as of September 30, 2001. This decision has major negative impact on the SORCE Science, and will severely compromise the relation of the SORCE ultraviolet irradiance to the time period of UARS. Now the long-term record of ozone and ozone change will not have the required continuous

and long-term record of solar forcing. The peak levels of the present solar cycle 23 will likely not be recorded, just as the peak of solar cycle 22 and solar cycle 21 were missed. We have never obtained complete observations through the maximum of a solar cycle. The validation of the UARS SOLSTICE data and the evaluation of the performance of that instrument would have been greatly improved by overlap with the SORCE SOLSTICE.

SORCE Instrument Status
The XPS is ready for flight. Mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, functional checkout, environment test, and calibration testing are all complete. The TIM is also assembled and complete. Mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, functional checkout, and calibration are complete. All that remains is environmental test, which has just begun. SIM mechanical parts are 98% complete and electrical parts are 95% complete. Mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, and functional checkout are nearly complete. Environmental test and calibration are in beginning process. SOLSTICE A is complete. Mechanical assembly, and electrical assembly are complete. Functional checkout is nearly complete as is calibration. Environmental test has not yet begun. SOLSTICE B is likewise complete. Mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, and functional checkout are nearly finished. Calibration has just begun, and environmental test has yet to begin. The Microprocessor Unit mechanical parts are 100% complete, electrical parts are 98% complete, and mechanical and electrical assembly are nearly done. Functional checkout has just begun, and environmental test and calibration need to be addressed. MU Software coding is nearly ready.

SORCE scientists and engineers plan to present papers or attend the following upcoming 2001 meetings:

  • IAGA Session on Solar Variability August 2001 Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Calcon 2001 September 2001 Logan, Utah
  • NewRAD October 2001 Gaithersburg, Maryland

Please contact for information submission.

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