Monthly Newsletter

May 2001

The SORCE Science team meeting may be held in conjunction with the NewRAD 2001 meeting on the East Coast. A winter meeting is also being considered, and may be held after the observatory delivery to Orbital, perhaps in conjunction with the Fall AGU meeting.

SORCE Systems Status
Launch vehicle wing and fillet assemblies are complete and will ship to Vandenburg in June. The fairing alignment and fit check is scheduled for June 18 at Chandler, Arizona.
LASP/NASA/Orbital will observe the HESSI launch operations June 7 at Kennedy Space Center in order to prepare for the SORCE launch and launch activities.
The spacecraft structure and instrument module are complete and the instrument bench was delivered to LASP May 22, 2001. Environmental test levels for bench-mounted items are expected by the beginning of June. The instrument module harness has been routed and ring-out is almost complete. The instrument model has now been installed on the MGSE (mechanical ground support equipment). The bus power simulator fabrication is in process and should be finished in June 2001. The SORCE FMEA (failure modes and effect analysis), FTA (fault tree analysis) and PRA (probable risk assessment) status follow. The PRA draft results were delivered May 17, 2001. Overall, the Aerospace Corporation Red Team has determined that SORCE risks are acceptable. Power, mass and memory budgets are sufficient.
Random vibration and shock/separation testing of the primary structure has been completed, the instrument mechanical preparation and bake out was completed at GSFC and the bench was delivered to LASP. The harness is ready for safe-to-mate and integration and test. Fabrication of the LVPS (low

voltage power supply) for the APE EDU (attitude power electronics engineering development unit) was completed and the unit is in test. The battery thermal vac testing has been done and the battery is now in post-environmental test. The Star Traker, Fine Sun Sensor EDU (engineering development units) were delivered and are currently in test, processor loading measurement is underway and the "gyroless" ECP (engineering change proposal) has been submitted.


Shock and Vibe Test
Orbital Sciences Corp.

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