Monthly Newsletter

November/December 2001

DC/DC converters and soft start circuits. The SOLSTICE A and B, TIM and XPS instrument GCI's have completed vibration testing and electronics have been conformal coated. The SIM GCI is currently being conformal coated and will be tested toward the end of December. Door motors will be also be swapped towards the end of December, and a GIDEP (Government Industry Data Exchange Program) was issued on the door motor EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) filters. Fourteen spare filters were returned to RFI Company for hermetic (sealing) testing. All fourteen units passed test and will be inserted when the motor is swapped out. The IM harness has been potted, wrapped, baked, terminated and kapton taped. The integration of the harness on the SORCE IM has resulted in excessing dark counts in the SOLSTICE G tubes. These counts will be investigated as soon as all harness processes are complete. All instrument tasks of the SORCE IM Flight Software are complete through OASIS LPT (Limited Performance Test). MU (Microprocessor Unit) tasks still remaining include: memory, patch and scrub pending ongoing integration issues, shell task module integration test, refinement of logging module, stress testing and identification of interface problems. The RAD6000 SUROM (Start-Up Read Only Memory) was received and tested. It performed well and appears ready for flight. Work interfaces with Orbital Science Corporation are going smoothly with the use of the LASP Instrument Simulator. Ongoing bug fixes and enhancements to the SORCE DSP FSW (Digital Signal Processor Flight Software) continue.

SORCE Integrated Instrument Module

Orbital SORCE Spacecraft Bus Status
The OV-4 APE (Attitude Power Electronics) has been reconfigured. The completed CEU (Central Electronic Unit) new back plane and ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) have been completed. The completed CEU #1 repair has been installed on the spacecraft bus. The IM heater/thermostat has been installed. FSW (Flight Software) build 4.0 has been put in the spacecraft and the FlatSat for the initial bus performance testing. The integration procedures for the trackers have been completed and the RWA (Reaction Wheel Assembly), FSS (Fine Sun Sensors), MTB (Magnetic Torquer Bars) and TAM (Three Axis Magnetometers) are working. The transceivers have been delivered and the units were successfully integrated with the RF hybrid. All RF paths performed nominally during subsequent tests. The APE flight unit#2 is currently in ATP and has completed vibe and shock test. Some thermal vac issues have arisen.

SORCE Orbital Tranceiver Hybrid Installation

All solar array panels have been received and wings are in preoperational deployment test. The CCS's (Cosine Sun Sensors) have been repaired and due to initial manufacturing errors and reinstalled.

Upcoming Meetings: SORCE Scientists and Engineers plan to present papers and attend the following meetings:
· MIWG, Boulder, CO February 2002
· SORCE Calibration Workshop Gaithersburg, MD February 2002
· NEWRAD at NIST, Gaithersburg, MD delayed to Spring 2002

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