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September 2001

2) The peak level of the present solar cycle 23 would likely not be recorded, just as the peak of solar cycle 22 and solar cycle 21 were missed - no complete observations through the maximum of a solar cycle exist
3) Loss of instrument and data validation. The validation of the UARS SOSLTICE data and the evaluation of the performance of that instrument would have been greatly improved by overlap with the SORCE SOLSTICE.
During the month of September, SORCE received some positive signs that UARS may be continued - albeit at a reduced level. It is still conceivable that a "full-up" comparison of the SORCE SOLSTICE and UARS SOLSTICE will be realized! LASP and SORCE were pleased to hear of the possibility of more UARS SOLSTICE data, as it would be a great benefit to the study of solar science.
The SORCE Science Team has been trying to work toward a schedule of at least two Science Team Meetings per year. We had anticipated this increased level of activity beginning this year, but trying to work around the highly volatile project schedules has been challenging. Although we had been planning our next meeting to concentrate on instrument calibration and characterization, and to hold the meeting in conjunction with the NEWRAD meeting the end of October, we now find it necessary to change these plans. The NEWRAD meeting has been postponed until the spring of 2002, and since the SORCE instrument activities are still intense and highly variable, we wish to delay the calibration/characterization meeting until after the beginning of the new year. In fact the rescheduled time may well coincide with the delivery of the Instrument Module to Orbital now expected in January. We will announce the agenda and location of this meeting as soon as plans are formulated. At about the same time we will schedule our next full scale Science Team Meeting which will concentrate on the science - solar, atmosphere, and climate. Please contact Greg Kopp, a SORCE TIM scientist, 303-735-0934 (phone) or email if you have any questions or need information.

SORCE Science Operations
An initial release of the instrument planning and scheduling system - known as OASIS-PS, was made on August 31. This preliminary release marks the completion of all generic user interface and scheduling capabilities, instrument-specific schedulers, planning data product formats, and limited instrument memory management capability. In general, development is ahead of schedule and the next major release is scheduled for the end of December 2001, marking the conclusion of development activities and the completion of all remaining requirements.Telemetry data ingest and access capability development is proceeding on schedule with the operations readiness of the instrument module.

Database tables and ingest software are in place to receive raw packet data, as well as analog and discrete telemetry items. Science packet database tables have been defined and are in the process of being implemented. The TCAD (telemetry checking and display) software that is used routinely for other satellite operations at LASP is now in place and ready to support analysis of instrument data. Science packet data extraction routines are now produced automatically as a product of the C&T database translators, much like the OASIS-CC (real-time operations system) database is kept in sync with the C&T database contents. The science packet data extraction routines have been tested with actual instrument data. The telemetry data access software design is complete and implementation is nearing completion.
We are nearing completion of the SOLSTICE instrument processing algorithms, such that data from the UARS SOLSTICE instrument can be processed as validation of the SORCE data processing system, and testing is expected to begin soon. Prototype SOLSTICE Level 3 and Level 2 algorithms are now implemented and nearly ready for testing, as are most of the level 1B calibration algorithms. Some common TIM and SIM algorithms are completed, and other TIM-specific irradiance generation algorithms are now being designed. In the coming weeks, regular meetings will begin with the TIM instrument scientists to formulate and discuss science algorithms.
The science data system software is now being rebuilt automatically on a nightly basis; all released code is checked out of CM (configuration management), compiled and executed. Software documentation for all modules is also regenerated into HTML pages
The SORCE command and telemetry database design was improved in the last month to permit a more streamlined representation of the SORCE telemetry system. This modification optimizes the definition of telemetry packets and telemetry items in the database, reducing the number of unique telemetry definitions and the size of the command and telemetry handbook. These modifications have also permitted the machine generation of routines to extract telemetry data from packets, a capability that has now been integrated into the C&T (command and telemetry) translators and serves as the basis for the science telemetry ingest software.

Upcoming Meetings: SORCE Scientists and Engineers plan to present papers and attend the following meetings:
  • MIWG KSC, Florida October 23, 2001
  • AGU, San Francisco, CA December 2001
  • SORCE Calibration Workshop Gaithersburg, MD January 2002
  • NEWRAD at NIST, Gaithersburg, MD delayed to Spring 2002
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