Monthly Newsletter

August 2002

SORCE Mission Status

LASP Activity -
As thermal vacuum testing progresses at Orbital, the instrument scientists and the LASP Mission Operations Center are busy with their own testing and verification. Real-time data from the thermal vacuum tests is being transmitted 24 hours a day to LASP. The data received from Orbital is being broadcast to three terminals in room 241 at LASP. Record files are being switched every 2 hours and sent to the database for processing, with the database running 1-3 hours behind the real-time data. It is possible to access the real-time raw record files at LASP as well.

Instrument scientists are monitoring the instrument test results closely and verifying the data. The thermal vacuum tests for each instrument have been very valuable for uncovering potential flaws with the data collected, software problems, or instrument anomalies. SORCE scientists are working diligently to get all calibration files together,

Countdown to Launch - December 1
(as of August 27, 2002)


with the intention of having an Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) review in September. The Mission Operations Center is addressing all software and hardware issues.

The last SORCE monthly review was held on Tuesday, July 30, at Orbital Sciences. Rick Kohnert updated everyone on the system status noting that the current margins for power, mass, and memory are well within acceptable limits, 11%, 11.6%, and 19.5% respectively. He also reviewed the July 9-10 meeting at Kennedy Space Center, to plan the final arrangements for SORCE's arrival and integration. The next monthly review will be on Wednesday, August 28, at Orbital Science Corporation.

SORCE with solar arrays deployed

The SORCE 24-page brochure is progressing and should be going to the printer the last week in September. The last pieces of art and text are coming together, and final proofing will begin in early September. Additional promotional pieces are in the works including a pre-launch video that will go out to the news media before the launch and will be used as a resource when needed following the launch. NASA television producers will be coming to LASP in September to shoot a few final clips for the animated video. Closer to launch, there will also be video taped interviews with SORCE scientists and NASA Program Directors.

The complete SORCE public relations package will also include a Fact Sheet, Lithograph, an educational interactive CD-ROM, poster, and an Education and Outreach package for professional educators. NASA personnel

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