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December 2002

explore new ideas for demonstrating the concepts that will come from the SORCE research. Following Greg’s talk, the CU Science Discovery team and Greg demonstrated the “SORCE Sun Kit” classroom presentation. The teachers were able to practice in the hands-on learning experiment. About 4,200 science teachers participated in this 2-day conference.

Science teachers learn how to use the hands-on “SORCE Sun Kit” experiment at the Colorado Science Convention in Denver. With a variable lamp simulating the changing Sun and a fog machine producing a scattering atmosphere, the teachers learn how to measure changing solar variability and the necessity of acquiring solar irradiance measurements from space. The goal is to demonstrate that the Sun’s variability plays an active role in the Earth’s climate.

Upcoming Meetings
SORCE scientists plan to present papers or attend the following 2003 meetings:

  • AGU/European Geophysical Society
  • (EGS)/European Union of Geosciences (EUG), April 6-11, 2003, Nice, France
  • SORCE Science Team Meeting, Spring 2003, LASP, Boulder, Colorado
  • AAS, Solar Physics Division, June 16-20, 2003, APL, Laurel, Maryland
  • SORCE Science Team Meeting, Fall 2003, location – tbd

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