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July 2002

SORCE Science Meeting Summary 

A meeting summary, extended abstracts, and
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At the end of the meeting Tom Woods summarized the relevance of the discussions to SORCE. There were three aspects of the discussions that are connected to the SORCE program: validation of the solar irradiance time series, solar irradiance modeling, and atmosphere/climate modeling. A summary of these connections as grouped by the SORCE instruments is below. The EUV region, which is not measured by the SORCE instruments, and thus not listed, will be measured during the SORCE mission by the TIMED Solar EUV Experiment (SEE).

Connections to SORCE Summary

SORCE Instruments Spectral Range Validation (Time Series) Solar Irradiance Models Atmoshpere/
Climate Models
TIM TSI SOHO ACRIM Picard NIST Area Cal. Improve Proxy Models

New Physical Models

Solar Dynamo Models
Atmos.-Ocean Coupling

Solar-Climate Effects

Indirect Solar Forcing

Maunder Minimum
SIM NUV Visible NIR SBUV UARS SOHO ATLAS (past) Ground-based Meas. SunRise Model

New Proxy Models
Same as TIM, but with spectral information

New Proxy Models

Improve FUV Models
Ozone Models

Upper Atmosphere Models

SOLAR2000 Model

Improve XUV-EUV Models
Upper Atmosphere Models

Nitric Oxide Models
Outstanding Issues   SORCE Overlap UARS? SIGF Mission? Future FUV Hole? Improvements Proxies?

Physical Models?
Better Coupling
Atmos. Layers

Solar-Terrestrial Relations
Do we understand them?
Solar indirect forcing

Tom Woods summarizing the SORCE Working Group Meeting.

The SORCE team is planning to have another science meeting shortly after the December launch to discuss initial results and data validation. Next summer the SORCE science working group will meet for more in-depth scientific discussions.

SORCE Mission Status

The month of July has been extremely busy with continuous Environmental Testing to make sure the SORCE spacecraft is prepared to tolerate the actual launch and survive in the mission environment. Tests completed in July include vibration, acoustic, and pyro-shock separation system. In addition the Solar Array Panel Illumination tests were successfully completed, as well as a Flight Software upgrade to version 6.0.

The Thermal Vacuum test is the final major test to be completed. After a final inspection the Vacuum Chamber doors will be closed on August 2, and the pumpdown will begin. The Instrument Module will undergo tests in this special environment for three weeks. Details will be included in the August SNS Newsletter.

Countdown to Launch - December 1
(as of July 30, 2002)

124 DAYS

Orbital's Pegasus XL will launch SORCE into space.

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