Monthly Newsletter

July 2002

The SORCE Spacecraft with the Solar Arrays deployed.

The last SORCE monthly review was held on June 27 at LASP in informal meetings. As the launch date nears, final integration and testing events are becoming increasingly critical. The mission is currently on schedule and within budget, although the number of contingency days has de-creased slightly due to schedule adjustments. There is enough of a cushion remaining to handle any unforeseen delays. The next monthly review is scheduled for Tuesday, July 30, at Orbital Sciences Corporation.

Upcoming Meetings

SORCE scientists plan to present papers or attend the following 2002 meetings:

  • COSPAR, October 10-19, Houston, TX
  • AMS, November 4-8, San Antonio, TX
  • NIST Satellite Instrument Calibration Workshop, Nov. 5-7, Gaithersburg, MD
  • 2002 Core Technologies for Space Systems, Nov. 19-21, Colorado Springs, CO
  • AGU Fall Meeting, December 6-10, San Francisco, CA

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