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June 2002

SORCE Science Working
Group Meeting
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
July 17-19, 2002

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Abstract Deadline Extended - July 1
The 2002 SORCE Science Working Group Meeting is set for July 17-19, 2002. This EOS SOlar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE) meeting will focus on the variable Sun and its influence on the terrestrial environment. We encourage the interaction of solar scientists and scientists studying the Earth's atmosphere and climate. Our goal is to define our present understanding of solar/terrestrial variations and possible relationships.

Session 1. Short-term (minutes to 2 years) solar variations and terrestrial variations.
Invited Speakers - Jeffrey Kuhn (University of Hawaii), Jesper Schou (Stanford University), Lon Hood (University of Arizona).

Session 2. Medium-term (1-30 years) solar variations and terrestrial variations.
Invited Speakers - Robert Cahalan (NASA, GSFC), Peter Pilewskie (NASA, Ames Research Center), Oran R. White (HAO, NCAR).

Session 3. Long-term (> 30 years) solar variations and terrestrial variations.
Invited Speakers - Jeffrey Hall (Lowell Observatory), Judith Lean (NRL), David Rind (Goddard Institute of Space Studies).

There will be a combination of invited and contributed presentations in each session focusing on the solar phenomena and the climate phenomena. Depending on the number of abstracts submitted, there are options for oral or poster presentations for the contributed presentations. Abstracts for the three sessions should be submitted by July 1 (new extended date).

Meeting Abstract Forms, Registration Forms, and detailed program information are available at:

Countdown to Launch - November 30
(as of June 25, 2002)

159 Days

SORCE Mission Status

Orbital Sciences Activity -

orbital building
Orbital Sciences Corporation in Dulles, Virginia.

Now that all the SORCE instruments have been integrated and aligned on the Instrument Module and Comprehensive Performance Testing (CPT) completed, the month of June has been extremely busy with the Environmental Testing well underway. The Pre-Environmental Readiness Review (PERR) took place on May 30 at Orbital Sciences Corporation.

The Environmental Tests involve making sure that the spacecraft is prepared to tolerate the actual launch and

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