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Monthly Newsletter

November 2002

The packing and loading crew in front of the SORCE shipment. Front row, left to right: Truck Drivers, Jack “Wizard” Boyd and Myron “Andy” Anderson, Zach Castleman, Phil Schipani, Dennis Baker, Sherry McGlochlin, Back row, left to right: James Burgess, Mike Anfinson, Corky Philyaw, Heather Reed-Withnell, and the Lift Operator, Jeff Ingream.

Kennedy Space Center Activity –
The truck carrying SORCE arrived at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) on Saturday, October 26. The truck was directed into the payload processing facility and the SORCE post-ship checkout process commenced. The spacecraft was unloaded and secured first, followed by the support equipment. As the support equipment was setup and checked out, the spacecraft was lifted onto its test cradle, moved into the clean tent, unbagged, and thoroughly inspected. After a functional checkout, limited performance tests (LPTs) and analysis were then run, along with dry runs of the flight readiness test (FRT).
When the launch date was moved into January, the spacecraft was bagged, the purge line set to provide a clean positive pressure environment for the spacecraft, and the clean room door was closed and locked. In early December
when the new launch date is within sight, the doors will be opened and the testing will continue, with additional dry-run flight readiness testing, inspections, and meetings to review the system integrations, upcoming mates, and data handling.

The SORCE shipment and chase vehicle arrive at KSC, 10/26/02.

Tentative Dates for Upcoming Events:
  • 12/17/02 Pegasus Ferry to KSC
  • 1/5/03 Spacecraft/Pegasus Mate
  • 1/15/03 Fairing Installation
  • 1/20/03 Launch Rehearsal (KSC)
  • 1/21/03 Flight Readiness Review (KSC)
  • 1/24/03 Launch Readiness Reviews (GSFC/KSC)
  • 1/25/03 SORCE Launch (KSC)

The L1011 aircraft with the Pegasus attached will arrive at KSC in mid December. The Pegasus will be removed from the aircraft and transported via a large trailer to the High Bay integration area, where testing will begin. In early January the SORCE spacecraft will be bolted to the Pegasus launch vehicle and more testing will occur.

Then next milestone event is when the fairing is installed, covering the payload. This is scheduled to begin on January 15. It will be the last opportunity to see or handle SORCE. For the launch, the Pegasus will be transported by trailer back out to the hot pad, and the L1011 will be lowered onto the Pegasus and secured.

LASP Activity –
Even though the launch has been delayed, the SORCE activity level at LASP is running high in every area.

The Mission Readiness Review took place on November 6 at Goddard Space Flight Center. This critical review covered the status of all SORCE activities related to the launch, from the Mission Operations Center’s ability to operate the spacecraft and instruments to science data collection and processing. The review went very well regarding the SORCE instruments and spacecraft.

There has been a series of Kennedy Space Center training sessions conducted for anyone from LASP who might be going to KSC. The training examines the KSC layout, integration and processing facilities, and standard safety procedures. As expected, the launching business truly has countless hazards.

A representative from NASA recently visited LASP to conduct media training for those people anticipating being in the spotlight near launch time. It was a combination of how to get the science message out effectively and charm school. All participants had an opportunity to role play and see themselves on video.

You can check out the new exciting SORCE web page at – http://lasp.colorado.edu/sorce. It has a whole new colorful look and much more information. It is easy to maneuver, and meets the needs of the solar expert, non-technical person, and public educators teaching at many

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