Monthly Newsletter

September 2002

Tentative Dates for Upcoming Events:

9/24 - 9/25 Ground Operations Review (KSC)
9/30 - 10/1 Mission Ops Rehearsal # 1 (LASP)
10/8 - 10/9 Pre-Ship Operations Readiness Review,
Mission Readiness Review (Orbital)
10/22 Pre-Ship Review (Orbital)
10/25 SORCE shipped from Orbital to KSC
11/14 - 11/17 Mission Ops Rehearsal # 2 (LASP)
11/20 Flight/Launch Readiness Reviews (KSC)
11/22 Launch Rehearsal (KSC)
12/1 SORCE Launch (KSC)

NASA Public Affairs Officer, Lynn Chandler, will be visiting LASP on September 30 and October 1 to present the SORCE mission Public Affairs Plan, which includes all planned media events and press releases. The first news release will be when SORCE arrives at Kennedy Space Center in late October. Two weeks prior to launch many more press related activities commence, and they continue for 48 hours after the launch. Several special promotional media pieces are being prepared to go with these events.

The SORCE 24-page brochure will be going to the printer in early October. If anyone is interested in seeing the most current draft, please contact Vanessa George. Additional promotional pieces in the works are a pre-launch video that will go out to the news media before the launch and will be used as a resource when needed following the launch. NASA television producers will be coming to LASP with Lynn Chandler on September 30 to shoot final clips for the animated video and to explore effective visualization techniques to present the final real data from SORCE via the web. The television producers will also be interviewing the SORCE Principal Investigator and key mission participants for the Press Kit and Video File.

The complete SORCE public relations package will also include a 4-page NASA Fact Sheet with a brief overview of the mission and instrument photos. A lithograph, which is a 2-page glossy handout, is distributed at the actual launch. It covers the mission overview and educational outreach activities. An interactive SORCE CD-ROM is currently in test

LASP, Orbital, and NASA scientists discuss the integration progress.

and NASA personnel are working on a full Education and Outreach package for professional educators.

The new SORCE web page should be available by the end of September. As the launch date nears, the data collection and science will be a prominent feature on the site. The web page will also meet the needs of the non-technical person, and public educators teaching at many levels. You can contact the SORCE web developer, Ann Windnagel (, with any feedback or suggestions.

The last SORCE Monthly Program Status Review was held on Wednesday, September 18, at LASP with people from NASA, Orbital Sciences, and LASP participating. Agenda items included the topics in this newsletter, but in much greater detail. Future Monthly Program Status Reviews will be replaced with specific meetings in preparation for launch.

After three weeks of testing, SORCE is shown coming out of the Thermal Vacuum Chamber on August 27.

Orbital Sciences Activity -
When the thermal vacuum testing ended on August 27, activity at Orbital shifted to fine-tuning the instruments, conducting post-environmental tests, and addressing the anomalies that occurred during the three weeks of thermal vacuum testing. The XPS and SOLSTICE were shipped back to LASP for further analysis, re-work, and improvements, and they will be returning to Orbital the week of September 23. All instrument issues have been thoroughly reviewed and are completely resolved for flight.

Besides focusing on the instruments, the Orbital software team has been working with LASP on many software enhancements. New flight software code

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