Monthly Newsletter

August 2003

Mission Update –
Science is the word of the day. Operating in normal mode, SORCE instruments are making excellent daily solar observations, with nightly stellar observations for calibration. As the quality and quantity of solar data continues to expand, the scientists and engineers concentrate on verifying the instrument calibrations and data processing software. New experiment commands are up-loaded daily to the spacecraft.
Data are being distributed to the science community through the Goddard Space Flight Center DAAC. For additional information on obtaining SORCE data from the DAAC and reading the SORCE HDF data files, see data_access.html.

SORCE Science Meeting
December 4-6, Sonoma, California –

The next SORCE Science Meeting – Physical Processes Linking Solar Radiation and Solar Variability with Global Climate Change – is set for December 4–6, 2003 in Sonoma, California. This meeting will be the first science meeting since the January 25th launch. The SORCE meeting dates have been selected to accommodate people wanting to attend the AGU meeting, which is the following week in San Francisco. We encourage your attendance and hope that you will share this announcement with colleagues.
The scientific organizing committee members are Judith Lean from NRL, Peter Pilewskie from NASA Ames Research Center, and Doug Rabin from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The meeting will be devoted to our understanding of the physical processes that connect the Sun’s radiation and its variability to our terrestrial environment, including the processes involved with climate and ozone response to solar radiative forcing and the

mechanisms that cause solar activity and radiation variations. The agenda will consist of both invited and contributed oral presentations and posters. The featured speaker at the Science Meeting Dinner on Thursday evening, Dec. 4, will be Dr. John Eddy, who will speak about “Tales of the Sun and Climate”.

The following topics will be covered during the meeting in the Scientific Sessions planned:

  • Solar Radiation – Status of Current Measurements
  • Climate Change Processes Involving Solar Radiation in the Troposphere
  • Global Change Processes Involving Solar Radiation in the Stratosphere
  • Processes and Evidence for Long-Term Irradiance Variations
  • Future Directions in Sun-Climate Research

Please refer to the meeting website for the complete meeting announcement, with additional information on the agenda, Call for Papers, registration forms, and travel and lodging information –
Dec03ScienceMeeting.html. The website will be updated regularly with the latest science program additions.

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