Monthly Newsletter

15 January 2003

Removing the cradle after completing the mating process.

Flight Sim Test 4 is the next step and will be completed just prior to closing the clamshell or fairing around the SORCE payload. This is scheduled to occur this week, and it will be the last opportunity to see or handle SORCE.
At LASP in Boulder, the Mission Operations team has just completed its final rehearsal for instrument commissioning with the instrument scientists and engineers. The activity plans for launch and the activation sequence for the first 30 days following launch are set. Orbital and LASP personnel also conducted their final launch rehearsal last week, which focused on the first 36 hours of spacecraft operations after launch.
For supplemental information, check out the SORCE web page – For those who do not have access to the web for the latest launch information, a special SORCE phone line has been activated. By calling (303) 735-3132 you can hear a recorded message regarding the status of the SORCE launch and any breaking news.

Tentative Dates for Upcoming Events:
  • 1/15/03 Fairing Installation Begins
  • 1/20/03 Launch Rehearsal (KSC)
  • 1/21/03 Flight Readiness Review (KSC)
  • 1/22/03 SORCE/Pegasus Transported to Hot Pad
  • 1/24/03 Launch Readiness Reviews (GSFC/KSC)
  • 1/25/03 SORCE Launch (KSC)

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