Monthly Newsletter

17 January 2003

The left side is being installed. The instrument apertures shown on SORCE are SOLSTICE A & B (top right and middle left), TIM (bottom right), SIM (top left), and XPS (reflective face in lower left).

Spacecraft battery trickle charge cable and nitrogen purge tube are attached until transport.

Getting closer… Positioning the right and left fairing halves before closure.

And one last peek before closing the fairing.

For people interested in viewing the SORCE launch, but are unable to be at KSC or LASP on January 25, there are options. NASA TV will be covering the SORCE launch beginning approximately one hour before the Pegasus rocket is dropped. Coverage should begin about 12:00 noon MST, when the L-1011 aircraft carrier takes off and begins the climb to reach the 40,000 foot elevation necessary to drop the Pegasus. For more specific information, check the NASA television schedule at The live coverage will include video as seen from a chase plane that will travel along side the L-1011 until after the Pegasus drop. Once dropped, the Pegasus will be out of view within 70 seconds.
NASA TV is serviced by several World Wide Web sources. To find out what internet companies are covering NASA TV, go to:, where there is a listing of the web sources. Windows Media Player is installed on most Windows-based PCs, so the best web source for this access is NASA Spaceflight Web, If you need additional information on how to view the launch via the internet, e-mail Vanessa George at or visit the LASP SORCE web page –

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