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March 2003

All SORCE data products will be fully accessible through the Goddard Space Center’s DAAC web site at Telemetry data can also be accessed through other methods within LASP. Chris Pankratz is the contact person for this, and he plans to hold several tutorial sessions to explain the options and what is necessary.

Weekly Status Report –
SORCE team members are producing a weekly SORCE Status Report to document progress during the mission. It is a fairly technical document that overviews the week’s activities. It summarizes the spacecraft activity, ground contacts, the instrument measurements, spacecraft and instrument planning, and data processing. If you would like to be on the weekly e-mail list to receive this report, contact Vanessa George. This report is also available on the SORCE web site at weekly_status.html.

SORCE Team Member Retiring –
George Lawrence has been an integral part of LASP for over 30 years during which time he has made exceptional contributions to all of the Laboratory’s programs in solar, atmospheric, and planetary sciences. He has been an essential cog in the SORCE development wheel, and has been particularly invaluable to the development of the TIM and SIM instruments. Fortunately for LASP, George is very interested in SORCE data analysis after his official retirement. Everyone is welcome to attend a special dinner in George’s honor on Monday, March 31st. Contact Vanessa George for details and reservations.

SORCE Viewing –
Although very faint, SORCE is periodically visible from Earth. The public can check out SORCE viewing opportunities, as well as other satellites, at

SORCE Instrument and Data Validation Workshop –
A SORCE Instrument and Data Validation Workshop is scheduled for late April in Boulder. This workshop will focus on SORCE first results and plans to refine data processing and validate the irradiance data. Scientists will be reviewing the SORCE instrument data and validation methods along with concurrent mission instrument activities. Through collaboration on validation campaigns, attendees will ensure the solar irradiance measurements are making the most significant contribution possible towards the universal use of these important data products.

Upcoming Meetings
SORCE scientists plan to present papers or attend the following 2003 meetings:

  • AGU/EGS/EUG, April 6-11, Nice, France
  • SORCE Instrument and Data Validation Workshop, April 28-30, Boulder, Colorado
  • AAS, Solar Physics Division, June 16-20, APL, Laurel, Maryland
  • SCOSTEP Intl. Solar Cycle Studies Symposium 2003, June 23-28, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia
  • IUGG Assembly 2003, June 30-July 11, Sapporo, Japan
  • SPIE - Optical Science and Technology, Aug. 3-8, San Diego, California Radiometric Calibration Conference, Sept. 15-18, Logan, Utah
  • SORCE Science Team Meeting, Fall 2003, location – tbd
  • AGU Fall Meeting, Dec. 8-12, San Francisco, California

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