Monthly Newsletter

May 2003

Mission Update –
As we pass four months since launch, SORCE continues to make excellent daily solar observations, with nightly stellar observations for calibration. The spacecraft is performing exceptionally well, and all instruments are operating in normal mode. Scientists and engineers are busy verifying the instrument calibrations and data processing software so the measurements can be certified valid and ready for distribution to the science community. The first results will be delivered by the end of this month.

SORCE Instrument and Data Validation Workshop –
The SORCE Instrument and Data Validation Workshop was held April 28–30 in Boulder to examine and critique the first solar data. Techniques to validate the data were proposed and plans to refine data processing were formulated. Through collaboration on validation campaigns,

attendees hope to ensure that all solar irradiance measurements make the most significant contribution possible towards the universal use of these important data products. The workshop accomplished its intent, in that researchers were able to share their experience and suggest improvements to the SORCE measurement scheme. Bringing this international group together to brainstorm the possibilities was very exciting, and attendees departed on a high note eagerly anticipating validated SORCE results.

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