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November 2003

SORCE scientists are thrilled to be fulfilling a dream, where instrument measurements are exceeding expectations and the Sun is cooperating by providing a most serendipitous display of unpredictable power.

To learn more about how the SORCE instruments are measuring the recent solar activity, visit the SORCE website home page –

SORCE Science Meeting
December 4-6, Sonoma, California –

The science program for the upcoming SORCE Meeting – Physical Processes Linking Solar Radiation and Solar Variability with Global Climate Change – is set. The meeting will be devoted to our understanding of the physical processes that connect the Sun’s radiation and its variability to our terrestrial environment, including the processes involved with climate and ozone response to solar radiative forcing and the mechanisms that cause solar activity and radiation variations.
With over 60 abstracts submitted, the agenda will consist of both invited and contributed oral presentations and posters. The detailed agenda and abstracts are available on the SORCE Meeting website –

The meeting will begin in the morning, December 4, with three keynote overview presentations:

J. Eddy – Current status of Sun-climate connections and possible processes

V. Ramaswamy – Current status of the Sun’s role in global change

J. Hall – Current status of Solar-stellar relationships

Scientific sessions and speakers over the two and half days include:

  • Solar Radiation – Status of Current SORCE Measurements
    Gary Rottman, Greg Kopp, Jerry Harder,
    Bill McClintock, Tom Woods
  • Solar Radiation – Long-Term Records and Reconstructions
    Claus Fröhlich, Steven Dewitte, Bob Lee, Richard Willson, and Sami Solanki
  • Long-Term Solar Variations
    Philip Goode, Mausumi Dikpati, Yi-Ming Wang, Leif Svalgaard
  • Climate Change Processes Involving Solar Radiation in the Troposphere
    Steven Platnick, Norm Loeb, Jerry Meehl, Sultan Hameed, Gerard Bond, Caspar
    Ammann, Kent Moore, Joan Feynman, Robert Cess, Ed Cook
  • Global Change Processes Involving Solar Radiation in the Stratosphere
    Richard Stolarski, Murry Salby, David Rind, Robert Hudson, Marv Geller, Al Powell, Lon Hood, Alexander Ruzmaikin
  • Future Directions in Sun-Climate Research
    Gerard Thuillier, Marv Geller, Stan Solomon,
    Tom Bogdan

The featured speaker at the meeting dinner on Thursday evening, Dec. 4, will be Dr. John Eddy. He will be speaking on “Tales of the Sun and Climate”.

Poster presentations will be set up for viewing all day Thursday and Friday, with a special focus to be given late afternoon both days. The Bay Area Environmental Research Institute (BAER) is sponsoring a special poster reception on Friday. Poster abstracts are currently available on the SORCE Meeting website.

The scientific organizing committee members are Judith Lean from NRL, Peter Pilewskie from NASA Ames Research Center, and Doug Rabin from GSFC. They have put together an exciting agenda and everyone anticipates a very interesting meeting.

If you are interested in attending this SORCE Science Meeting, there is still space available. For information go to the meeting website for details –

Upcoming Meetings / Talks –
SORCE scientists plan to present papers or attend the following 2003 meetings:
  • SORCE Science Meeting, Dec. 4-6,
    Sonoma, California
  • AGU Fall Meeting, Dec. 8-12,
    San Francisco, California

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