Monthly Newsletter

September 2003

Mission Update –
As the mission heads into its ninth month, scientists are thrilled with SORCE’s progress. The instruments continue to make excellent solar and stellar observations. Since SORCE first launched, the entire SORCE science team has met weekly to review the instrument status, spacecraft status, ground contacts, spacecraft and instrument planning, and data processing. In addition, many smaller meetings are held during the week to focus on individual instruments and the science data produced. These meetings are becoming more exciting as the instrument calibration and data processing efforts are fine-tuned.

Data are being distributed to the science community through the Goddard Space Flight Center DAAC. For additional information on obtaining SORCE data from the DAAC and reading the SORCE HDF data files, see data_access.html.

SORCE Mission Celebration–
A belated 6-month launch celebration occurred at LASP in early September to acknowledge all of those who have worked on SORCE through the years. Bill Ochs, the NASA SORCE Project Manager for the past four years presented individuals with certificates of appreciation, as did Gary Rottman, SORCE Principal Investigator and Tom Sparn, LASP’s SORCE Program Manager.

They began by each saying a few words about how unique the SORCE mission has been from the very beginning and how wonderful it has been developing the great working relationships over the years. Everyone is very aware of the special team of people required for SORCE to be so successful. Although Bill Ochs is

Chris Pankratz, SORCE Data Processing Manager, accepts a SORCE Certificate of Appreciation from Gary Rottman.

moving on to other responsibilities at NASA, he is not intending to say good-bye to the life-long friends he has made over the years. With the main focus now on science, Ed Chang from NASA has joined the SORCE management team, of course, working side-by-side with LASP’s SORCE management.

LASP's SORCE Team Members (click for larger view)

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