Solar Spectral Irradiance Intercomparison Workshop

September 19, 2006
Final Agenda/Summary

Workshop Overview
Workshop Summary
Final Agenda
Attendee List

Session I: Comparative Study of Ultraviolet Instruments: Composite UV Solar Cycle Variability
Session Moderator: Marty Snow
Marty Snow Introduction/Goals
Matt Deland Composite solar UV time series in the 21st century
Linton Floyd SUSIM calibration in the SORCE era
Marty Snow UARS and SORCE SOLSTICE calibration and comparisons
Frank Eparvier How TIMED-SEE uses FUV data for validation and calibration
Marty Snow Summary Discussion
Session II: Comparative Study of Ultraviolet Instruments: Progress towards VIS/IR Reference Spectrum
Session Moderator: Judith Lean
Peter Pilewskie Introduction / Goals / Results of the August 9 Climate Workshop
Gerard Thuillier SOLSPEC Spectrum
Bob Kurucz High Resolution FTS irradiance spectra
Jerry Harder SIM
Claus Frohlich PMO Composite
Geoffrey Toon MkIV / ATMOS
Juan Fontenla Synthetic Spectra
Gerard Thuillier SOLSPEC / ISS
Hartmut Boesch Orbiting Carbon Observatory Mission
Joe Rice Characterization of SIM on SIRCUS
Erik Richard Summary Discussion / Recommendations