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Program starts 0830am Monday and ends by 12noon on Wednesday.

Poster Format:

Maximum dimensions: 4 feet wide by 4 feet high.

Meeting Venue:

LASP Space Technology Building, Room A200, Boulder, Colorado
Address: 1234 Innovation Drive, Boulder, CO, 80303

See also: Google Map of LASP.

Splinter Sessions: Rooms A201 and A260. Same building and floor level as A200.

LASP is located on the East Campus Research Park, about one mile east of the Main Campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The start page of the THEMIS Workshop may also be found via the LASP Space Plasma Group portal.

Contact the LASP LOC directly using our dedicated E-Mail address:

Science Topics:

(A) Solar wind, foreshock, bow-shock, and magnetosheath
(B) Magnetopause, the polar cusps and dayside auroral region
(C) Magnetotail, plasma sheet, substorms and nightside auroral region
(D) Inner magnetosphere (radiation belts, ring current, and plasmasphere)

Program Committee:

J. Eastwood (SSL/UCB), X. Li (LASP/CU), I. Mann (Univ. Alberta), T. Phan (SSL/UCB), A. Runov (IGPP/UCLA), D. Sibeck (NASA/GSFC).

Local Organizing Committee:

L. Andersson, B. Callahan, R. Ergun, S. Eriksson, C. Himes, X. Li


There is no registration fee.

However, at the time of your abstract submission (details below), please indicate (Y or N) in your E-mail to us at if any of the following will apply to you. By signing up for lunch (Y), you accept that a small daily lunch fee will be collected from you at the meeting by the LOC. Lunches will be provided at the meeting. The alternative (N) is to plan your own lunch by venturing out downtown.

Monday Lunch: Y/N
Tuesday Lunch: Y/N
Tuesday Social Dinner: Y/N (more information below)
Wednesday Lunch: Y/N


Abstracts are due by Friday February 20, 2009. Please send your abstracts by E-mail to us at Abstracts should be formatted in plain text (see template below) with no special characters (LaTex or otherwise). The final program will be published at this site by 1 March, 2009. Please make sure to indicate (Y/N) whether you will have lunch at LASP (Y) or not (N), where N indicates that you make your own lunch arrangements.


    This is the Title
    1st Author, 2nd Author (1)
    3rd Author (2)

    (1) Affiliation
    (2) Affiliation

  Main text follows here.
  Monday Lunch: Y/N
  Tuesday Lunch: Y/N
  Tuesday Dinner: Y/N
  Wednesday Lunch: Y/N


Please contact one of the following lodging options (H1-H8) in Boulder directly for your housing arrangements. Some are within walking distance (10 min or more) to LASP.

No rooms have been reserved for the meeting. The only exception is option H6 below.

Remember, this is Spring Break week, so please make your housing arrangements at your earliest convenience. Contact the LOC at if you have any problems finding accommodation.

Note1: Rates are the ones as stated on 17 November 2008. Please check directly with each hotel for current rates.

Note2: The Best Western Boulder Inn now offers a discounted rate to participants of the workshop. For more details, see H6 below.

Alternatives to H1-H8 below may also be found by checking or (use Hotels link).


Fly into Denver International Airport (DIA), about a 45-min drive from Boulder depending on traffic (see option C below). Public ground transportation is available (see options A-B below). Free parking is readily available in the LASP parking area for those with rental cars.

From DIA to Boulder and LASP:

Driving Directions:

Denver Airport to LASP via I-70. Distance and expected driving time: 43.3 miles or 49 minutes (up to 1 hour 20 min in traffic). See the corresponding Google Map. A driving alternative to I-70 with generally less traffic is to take the first major exit off Pena Blvd and instead go north onto State Highway E-470 N Express Parkway, which eventually merges onto HWY 36. E-470 is a smoother ride, but it is a Toll Road. Distance and expected driving time is 41.4 miles or about 44 minutes (up to 55 min in traffic). See the corresponding Google Map.

Social Dinner Event:

The Tuesday social dinner is at the Walnut Brewery, downtown Boulder. We meet there at 630pm. For more information about the micro brewery, please visit Walnut Brewery. The Walnut Brewery is located one block south of the Pearl Street Mall on Walnut Street, between Broadway and 11th Street. The address is 1123 Walnut Street.

Additional Resources:

Colorado has a lot to offer all year round. See its official tourism site:

Find about more about the city of Boulder:

Check out our local dinner guides and micro breweries.

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