The main goal of the Colorado Airborne Multi-phase Cloud Study (CAMPS) is to use the Wyoming King Air instrumented with both remote (cloud radar and cloud lidar) and in situ sensors (cloud and particle probes, total water hygrometer) to gather data about the vertical and horizontal structure of cold mixed-phase clouds over complex topography.

CAMPS Science Objectives

      • To assess the vertical and horizontal structure and inhomogeneities of cloud properties (particle size distribution, ice and liquid water content, particle habit) in liquid, mixed-phase and precipitating clouds at a midlatitude site with complex terrain during winter.
      • To assess the effect of topography and associated variation in vertical forcing on cloud generation and cloud properties.
      • To develop a data set that provides the information necessary for improving the representation of mixed-phase clouds in cloud-resolving and climate models.
      • To provide additional correlative data for validation of the ARM mobile facility and NASA A-Train remote sensors beyond that available from a fixed-point measurement site at the surface.

Logistics:   photograph of King Air