Solar System Astronomy

Study Sessions

Following The Cosmic Perspective by Bennett, Donahue, Schneider and Voit. The comprehension exercises in each session have model answers at the end of each session.

1. Our Place in the Universe

2. Scales &Numbers

3. Celestial Cycles

4. Lunar Motions

5. The Science of Astronomy

6. Revolution

7. Universal Motions

8. Gravity

9. Into Orbit

10. Overview of the Solar system

11. Formation of the Solar System

12. Planetary Geology

13. Light

14. Terrestrial Planet Atmospheres

15. Giant Planets

16. Moons & Rings

17. Pluto & Charon

18. Cosmic Debris

19. Life


These study sessions were developed by Fran Bagenal (Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences Department, University of Colorado, Boulder) for introductory astronomy courses.