Math Reminder

Atlas Project, University of Colorado

Fran Bagenal
APS Department
University of Colorado at Boulder

This page is designed for presenting a set of math review - or math "reminder" - concepts that are much needed for students in the introductory level Astronomy classes.  The math is rather basic, but we hope that we can make it as complete as possible for the purposes of having a web page that is informative and helpful for the students.



0 Power of 10 (Scales, big and small, etc...)


1 Scientific Notation


2 Units - how to use them, how to convert


3 Triangles, Circles, Squares and More)


4. 3-D objects: Spheres and More

4a. Areas & Volumes

5. Trigonometry
6. Powers and Roots

7 Graphing Functions

8. Logarithms

Supplementary Sections


Problems for Practice (Available For Most of the above Topics)




IMPORTANT! A note on viewing the mathematical symbols on your browser.
These pages, as the title indicates, are math review pages and as such you will see some equations, formulas, and a few Greek symbols that are often used in mathematics textbooks. Your browser might have some difficulty in displaying some of these, specially the Greek symbols. If this is case there is a remedy to the situation! You need to set the preferences of your browser such that it does not override the Greek symbol font with the system default font. If you notice problems with displaying the Greek symbols and cannot fix it click here for help.

If you have any comments or questions, or would like to report errors on these pages, please e-mail Fran Bagenal (bagenal at .