Problems on Graphing

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Section A: Lines

1. Graph the Following Equations. They are relationships between two variables, x and y, and they are all linear.

a. y = 3 x + 2

b. y = 6.85 x + 1.98

c. y = -4.2 x + 3

d. 3.1 y = x - 7.8

e. 2 y = 3 x + 12


2. For each of the following graphs determine if the slope of the line is positive or negative. Which graph has a slope of zero?


Section B: Periodic Functions

1. For each of the following graphs determine the period of the repeating function.

2. Based on your understanding of the trigonometric functions, would you say that the sine and cosine functions are preiodic or not? Explain. For extra practice try graphing a function like: y = sin (x).

Section C: Exponentially Increasing/Decreasing Functions

For each of the 4 colored graphs graphs: 1, 2, 3 and 4, determine whether the exponent is positive or negative.

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