I use spacecraft data and computer models to learn about the interface between atmospheres and space,
and the consequences for how planets evolve.


Current group at a baseball game: (Back row) Hamda Al Khoori, Yaxue Dong, Hilary Egan, Jeremy Osowski, Robin Ramstad; (Front row) Rebecca Jolitz, Robby Stevens, Dave Brain, Tristan Weber


I teach courses in astronomy and planetary science in the APS Department at CU.

In Fall 2018 I am not teaching.


I enjoy engaging with people about astronomy and science in general, and rarely turn down an opportunity to speak for a general audience. In addition to public talks and occasional press or TV interviews, some of the fun things I've done include:

  • Appeared in artists' films   (Film 1   •   Film 2)
  • Traveled the state of Colorado with CU's Chancellor, speaking about MAVEN
  • Been interviewed on Science Friday
  • Been a special guest speaker for Boulder Bubble Day
  • Given a TED talk
  • Been a consultant for an animated series set on Mars (it never aired)
  • Appeared with the Boulder Symphony
  • Been a guest (speaker) of the Chilean Air Force at a Chilean Air Show


I was born and raised in Maryland, and have spent time living in Houston and the Bay Area of California. At present I live in Boulder with my wife and two children. We enjoy the mountains and getting outside as much as possible. I like to trail run, play racquetball and volleyball, hike, and see new places. I'm a long suffering fan of the Baltimore Orioles, who last won the World Series when I was 10 years old, and am learning to root for the Colorado Rockies, too. I'm always on the lookout for good Mexican food.

Contact Info

(Main Campus) • Duane Physics • D133 • map
(East Campus) • Space Sciences • N224 • map
(303) 735-5606

david dot brain at colorado dot edu
Mailing Address
LASP SPSC Building
University of Colorado
3665 Discovery Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80303