Research Projects:
Coherent interaction of magnetospheric particles with large-scale disturbances

Project Summary
SSC of March 24, 1991 Animated Summary: March 24, 1991 Storm Sudden Commencement (mpeg, 5.3M)  Results of MHD/particle simulations showing the prompt injection of energetic electrons into the inner magnetosphere during sudden commencement phase of the March 1991 superstorm.
Impulsive Injections Animated Summary: Impulsive Injection (avi, 1.4M)  Simulation showing the coherent interaction of a ring of energetic electrons with an analytic impulse representing the effect of a shock in the solar wind.
Radial Diffusion Animated Summary: Radial Diffusion (avi, 2.8M)  Simulation showing the effect of a spectrum of ULF waves (such as may be induced by a series of small-scale impulsive interactions), indicating the stochastic particle dynamics associated with radial diffusion.

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