Research Experience
Research Scientist
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Research topics:
  • Physical models of magnetospheric phenomena
  • Radial diffusion and transport of energetic particles
  • Substorm injection of charged particles
  • Boulder, Colorado
    Research Associate
    Space Science Institute/LASP
    Advisors: Dr. Paul Dusenbery, Professor Daniel N. Baker
    Research topics:
  • Spectral characteristics of magnetospheric ULF waves
  • Dynamics and trapping of plasma sheet electrons
  • Boulder, Colorado
    Graduate Research Associate
    Dartmouth College Physics Department
    Advisor: Professor Mary K. Hudson
    Research topics:
  • MHD/particle simulation methods
  • Resonant acceleration of radiation belt electrons
  • Storm-time radiation belt dynamics
  • Hanover, NH
    Research Assistant
    Utah State University LIDAR Consortium
    Advisor:  Professor Vincent B. Wickwar
    Research topics:
  • Rayleigh-Raman backscatter LIDAR techniques.
  • Spectral analysis of atmospheric gravity waves.
  • Upper atmospheric density and temperature characteristics.
  • Logan, Utah

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