Research Projects
Research problems with which I have been involved.

March 1991 SSC Coherent interaction of magnetospheric particles with large-scale disturbances
NASA, 2008 Heliophysics Guest Investigator Program (support pending)
Principle Investigator:  Scot Elkington
Global ULF Waves Investigations of ULF Structure in the Magnetosphere
NASA, 2006 Heliophysics Guest Investigator Program
Principle Investigator:  Scot Elkington
Radial Diffusion Radial Diffusion Coefficients for use in Radiation Belt Models
NASA, 2004 LWS Targeted Research & Technology
Principle Investigator:  Scot Elkington
Substorm Injections Global Characteristics of the Substorm Injection Process
NASA, 2004 LWS Guest Investigator Program
Principle Investigator:  Scot Elkington
Plasmasheet Dynamics GEM: Transport and Trapping of Energetic Electrons
National Science Foundation, 2003 GEM Program
Principle Investigator:  Scot Elkington
Ion Outflow Investigations of the ionospheric source of the O+ ring current population
NASA 2007 Heliophysics Guest Investigator Program
Co-Investigator (PI: Bill Peterson)
MORE MORE/ORBITALS: Mission of Opportunity, Radbelt Explorer
NASA LWS Geospace Missions
Project Scientist (PI:  Dan Baker)
RBSP-ECT RBSP-ECT: The Radiation Belt Storm Probes Energetic Particle, Composition, and Thermal Plasma Suite
NASA LWS Geospace Missions
Co-Investigator (PI: Harlan Spence, Boston University)
CISM Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling
National Science Foundation
Affiliate (PI:  Geoff Hughes, Boston University)
Sash Flank Magnetopause Reconnection, the Sash, and Lobe Convection
NASA, Cluster Guest Investigator Program
Co-Investigator (PI: Stefan Eriksson)

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