My Research

Brian Hynek at work

All of my research revolves around water on Mars and its potential for life. I approach this problem from several aspects: terrestrial analog fieldwork, laboratory experiments, theoretical modeling, geologic mapping and analysis of new Mars data.

My students and I work on problems related to the hydrologic history of Mars, the impact cratering record and its volcanic evolution. Check out my curriculum vitae, my student's pages or some recent press releases related to my group's research:

Mars Analog Work

Terrestrial Analog Fieldwork on Active Volcanoes

Volcano Boarding Footage

Audition footage for National Geographic

Water on Mars

Water, Hematite and the Mars Rovers 1
Water, Hematite and the Mars Rovers 2
Water, Hematite and the Mars Rovers 3

History of Water on Mars

Extensive Fluvial Erosion on Mars

Experiencing Weightlessness!

A Trip on the Vomit Comet


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