My Students

Brian Hynek's students

Graduate Advisor:

Stuart Robbins: (Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, Geophysics Program)- Studying the impact cratering history of Mars and its implications.
Sarah Black: (Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, Geophysics Program)- Researching the history of water on the surface of Mars and inferences regarding the ancient climate.
Emma Marcucci: (Geological Sciences)- Characterizing the history of chemical alteration on Mars through terrestrial analogs and experiments.

Graduate Advisory Role:

Dan Feldkun: (Electrical Engineering)- Adaptive optics for a future Mars Mission
Kennda Lynch: (Colorado School of Mines)- Microbiology of Mars analog environments
Lindsey Link-Tierney: (Geology)- Geochemical modeling of habitable Mars environments
Margaret Mitter: (Evolutionary Biology)- Cold-tolerant microbes

Undergraduate Advisor:

Matt Chojnacki: (now a graduate student at Univ. of Tennessee)
Kelsi Singer: (now a grad student at Washington University)
Michael Beach: (finishing geology/astronomy double major at CU)
Trevor Bowen: (high school student, now at Marlboro College)


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