Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
    University of Colorado Boulder
    3665 Discovery Drive, Boulder, CO 80303, USA.
    Phone: (303) 735-7471
    E-mail: jan.deca [at]

Download my full CV here. Below you may find some extracts.

  • Honours & Scholarships
    • Primary Investigator of ISSI team on "Plasma - Surface Interactions with Airless Bodies in Space and the Laboratory" (07/2015-current, ISSI, Bern Switzerland).
    • Doctoraatsbursaal (FLOF), PhD scholarship at CmPA/KU Leuven (2010-2012, Belgium).
    • KULeuven Junior Mobility Special Research Grant, Visiting Scientist at LATMOS/UVSQ (01-06/2014, Paris, France).
    • HPC-EUROPA2 scholarship, Research visit to LATMOS/UVSQ (10-12/2012, Paris, France).
    • Young Scientist in ISSI team on "Interaction of satellites with space environment" (12/2011-06/2013, ISSI, Bern Switzerland).
    • Winner of the "Award for Contributions to the School" at the 2011 Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems Summer School (PUMPS), sponsored by NVIDIA.
  • Education
    • PhD in Science (Mathematics/Plasma astrophysics), KU Leuven (2010-2014, Belgium), graduated October 20, 2014.
    • Master in Astronomy & Astrophysics (2nd year, Erasmus), The University of Warwick (2009-2010, United Kingdom).
    • Master in Astronomy & Astrophysics (1st year), KU Leuven (2008-2009, Belgium).
    • Bachelor in Mathematics, minor Physics, KU Leuven (2004-2008, Belgium).
  • Teaching Experience
    • Mentor at the 2017 International Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences (IHPCSS).
    • Plasma physics (2015-current, Undergraduate and Graduate level, substitute teacher).
    • Space weather (2013-2014, Master level, project supervisor).
    • Higher mathematics for commercial engineers I & II (2010-2014, Bachelor level, teaching assistant).
    • Statistics & probability analysis for civil engineers (2010-2011, Bachelor level, teaching assistant).
  • Professional Experience
    • Research Associate at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Research (LASP) at the University of Colorado Boulder, USA (01/2015-current).
    • Research Associate and teaching assistant at the Centre for mathematical Plasma Astrophysics (CmPA), KU Leuven (10-12/2014).
    • Member of the (Faculty) Permanent Commission of Education and the Faculty Doctoral Committee as a post-graduate representative at KU Leuven (2010-2014).
    • Summer internship at the Royal Observatory of Belgium (Brussels, Belgium) under supervision of Prof. Tim Van Hoolst (08-08/2010).
    • Candidate Help-Instructor Pilot and Supporting Staff at Belgian Air Cadets (2008-2010, Weelde, Belgium).
    • Alpine ski instructor at Skifriends (2003-2013, Booischot, Belgium).
    • Student job at Colruyt (2003-2009, Ramsel, Belgium).
  • Skills & interests
    • Languages: Dutch (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (very good), German (basic knowledge), Russian (basic knowledge, currently following courses).
    • HPC and scientific computing in C++, CUDA, Fortran, Python, MPI, OpenMP, Matlab, Unix/Linux, HTML, Latex,...
    • Glider pilot (Belgian Air Cadets, Royal Belgian Aeroclub, license issued: 07/05/2004); Initiator alpine ski (BLOSO), including basic first aid course; A-brevet sailing (BLOSO).
    • Space weather and Meteorology; Military and General aviation, Gliding; A number of individual and team sports such as Athletics, Ultimate Frisbee, Squash, Alpine ski, Sailing,...